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"wham bam, thank u ma’am": diffakult’s "thank god" is a fire ball, from start to finish. 

by fabiola c

Jxydx(now known as Diffakult) is back roaring, after releasing their first ep about 9 months ago. Of course, there were signs that the Western Canada-based rapper was coming back in with a bang, with shows popping here and there, but i don’t think anything could prepare me for what was to come when they released this ball of fire. 

Before they dropped the hit, they posted a tiny snippet of the song on their tumblr, hyping everyone up. Days later, after threatening to drop the full version if a certain number of people tweeted #diffakult, they finally dropped the song in it’s full glory. 

From the beginning of the song, you are instantly thrusted into something hectic and hot. The guitar-loaded beat hits you heavy, rock infused with sounds that are reminiscent of lasers in outer space, and so do the words, with no hesitation, the rapper is very eager to say what they want to say; with easy, smooth rhymes that don’t stop.

Calling the song a ball of fire is really an understatement and a testament to my limited vocabulary. Diffakult’s come back song is guaranteed to etch itself into your eardrums, at least till they give you something new that will most likely stick to you harder than this does. 

YEG !!!

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im so used to being embarrassing honestly it doesnt even bother me any more

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Your Ex-Lover Is Dead // Stars

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can i just stay in uruguay forever???